The Tall Worker
My relation with the Dutch Judo Federation began on a day in 1955 when the French Judo Association chairman Bonemori asked me to teach the Dutch team in the afternoon.
Since I was tired already from the regular training, I was not in the mood the accept the offer. However, the Dutch did not give up, and I was basically forced to teach for 2 hours. I had no idea that this would lead to my present status.
I soon realized the presence of one tall, pale Dutch worker. His only move was uchimata, and it was not a powerful one. However, he seemed to have potential to improve, as he was a very honest man. His name was Geesink(20 years old).
Despite his big body, he acted inferior against others. I would try to communicate with him, but he would make a confused face just by looking at me. Other Dutch judoists talked about him as having only power and no skills. I thought that in order to increase the judo population in Holland, a model judoist is necessary. And Geesink was my candidate. Although many disagreed at first, they soon started cooperating.